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Something’s Cooking 16/29

Something’s Cooking 16/29 published on 7 Comments on Something’s Cooking 16/29

Thorn: There’s a weather alert. Businesses should close, and people should go somewhere to stay, quick.

Elisa: Well, I can’t stay here overnight!

Thorn: Agree. — Why not?

Elisa: At that point, you would’ve bought me from the Embassy. Once they don’t own me anymore, they don’t even have to let me back in.

I’ve been working my butt off for two years! I can’t miss my own going-away party!!

Thorn: Don’t worry, Elisa, we will get you your party!

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Ooohh, this won’t end well. I mean, there’s 13 pages left in this chapter, so at least one thing has to go wrong. Or there has to be shenanigans in getting her back.

1:1 Everything goes fine up until Thorn leaves from the embassy.

29:1 The storm causes notable damage.

499:1 That notable damage constitutes enough harm to the Embassy wards that the Oasis effect fails, allowing for an uncontrolled crossover of Sønheic and Ceannic Magics.

9999:1 This is the moment for which Katya’s been waiting, having been forewarned by WiB or one of her contemporaries. Vive la révolution!

Because we can’t just call the embassy and explain the situation.

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