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Something’s Cooking 17/29

Something’s Cooking 17/29 published on 5 Comments on Something’s Cooking 17/29

Heyyyy look what’s live on Kickstarter!

ETA: just three early-bird bonus sketches left! Get in before they’re gone!

ETA 2: aaaand they’re all claimed! Moving toward the first milestone bonus now…

Kale: If Thorn comes by later, at least the living room has to look presentable . . .


Thorn: Kale?

Kale: Be right there! Just putting my eyes on.

Thorn: Will you bake my cookies?

Kale: Is that a euphemism or

Thorn: I have to make an emergency trip before the storm hits, and I just put a tray in the oven.

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OK but imagine actually using that as a pickup line.

The front page of the site has been stuck on Saturday’s picture since Saturday, and I’m not seeing Tuesday’s picture at all. (“Latest” takes me to Monday, which is why I’m commenting here.) I’m a little confused because the site is working in phone Chrome but not in my phone Firefox. Do you think I have a bad cookie or something? I’ve never before experienced a site doing this in all my years online, so I’m actually rather perplexed.

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