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Something’s Cooking 18/29

Something’s Cooking 18/29 published on 6 Comments on Something’s Cooking 18/29

Leif (thinking): This is my favorite kind of weather!

The cool breeze ahead of a storm, right before the gentle showers of . . .

. . . ash?

Oh, great. It’s one of Ceannis’ magic storms. Their spirits can’t even exist on embassy grounds! But they can pass overhead and drop stuff.

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Now, is Manager Ludolf about to call Leif inside, or is Leif going to just keep working as ash fills the air?

Before anyone starts: Even if you think Leif is little more than a piece of equipment to the Embassy management, abusing your equipment is stupid. FORGETTING that Leif will put up with a LOT of ████ and put what he feels is the embassy’s interests first because guilt and no one gave him an out is something I can see them (that is Leif and Ludolf) doing.

I’ve been having a minor version of the problems other people seem to be having with the site.

When I come to the main page it shows me whatever day’s page I last viewed on that device (seen this on my desktop and my phone; my phone was more out of date because I mostly check for updates on my desktop), but I can refresh and get the latest update no problem.

This also occurs with specific comic pages I’ve seen before; if I navigate to a previous comic via the “recent comments” sidebar I have to refresh to actually see the recent comment I came for.

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