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Something’s Cooking 19/29

Something’s Cooking 19/29 published on 11 Comments on Something’s Cooking 19/29

Just four 3 more backers on the Volume 2 Kickstarter, and we’ll unlock the next part of the full-cast portrait!

Thorn: The Embassy is closed, but I messaged your manager — one of the guards will meet us at the gates.

Elisa: Thanks.

Thorn (thinking): I know city services will have the ash cleaned up soon anyway . . . But it would be more convenient if I had hired the new team magical girl by now.

Leif (thinking): Thorn still has to get back here, right? I can keep watch for him . . .

Sigrún: Servant! Your duties outside are canceled for the day. You can stay in.

Leif: Y-yes, Captain.

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Hey, by the way, I think the New Firefox security update is what is causing the website not to load properly for some people. Just click the shield on the left side of the address bar and click “turn blocking off for this site”. It fixed the issue immediately. (I think it was blocking the cookies from updating properly or something)

Huh. Blocking’s off for me and I still have some minor problems (see my comment on 18/29). Perhaps I would have worse problems if I had blocking on.

I’ve been force-refreshing multiple times a day since this started. I dug around and cleared my cookies as well when I read sidrabutterfly’s post, even though I use Chrome. It seems to have worked? At the very least, I didn’t have to refresh to see your comment, Lielac.

Hi, so clearing my browser cache worked to show me yesterday’s update when I navigated to, but I had to manually modify the URL to find today’s. I don’t really want to have to clear my cache every single day – is there something more permaneant we can do?

a) Try just refreshing — multiple people are reporting that this gets them the latest version
b) I have an open ticket with Siteground support; the status right now is “huh, that shouldn’t be happening, let me send this up the chain and we’ll get back to you.”

Refreshing worked for me once, but I tried it a number of times and it only worked the once.
Navigating back one and then forward is a pretty easy workaround. That takes you to the individual page, so it works fine.
(I also just followed the advice above, so I’ll see if that works tomorrow.)

…so, in between all the refreshing, anyone have thoughts on the actual strip?

I’m glad to see there’s so much being responsible adults happening here and not the usual drama that would occur in this kind of story.

I’m glad readers are noticing this =D

Making characters childish, or at least dysfunctional, is an easy way to get dramatic conflict that can be fun to read — but keeping up Responsible Adulting in a tough situation is hard, and complicated. Which also has plenty of satisfying story potential, if you keep it in mind and lean into it.

Agreed, this is one of the things that keeps me coming back to the comic! The characters are very realistic, and it makes them easier to relate to as people who might exist in real life who could easily be the neighbour next door, magic shenanigans aside. I’ve introduced a few people to things that don’t get enough representation in the real world with L&T strips, and they all get it after they read! Erin does a great job making representation feel so natural and fun to read.

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