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Something’s Cooking 2/29

Something’s Cooking 2/29 published on 5 Comments on Something’s Cooking 2/29

Elisa: Hello! Are you ready for — Oh! You’re not Thorn.

Pas: No! I’m Sir Pascentia. You must be Elisa! Is this a special event, or can anyone hire you for cooking lessons?

Because I’d love to get better at making cream cake, apple tart, butter cookies, poor man’s cake, almond tarts . . .

Elisa: Um . . . I’m only in this country for another week.

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We are going to see Pas’ faults eventually, right?

Well, there’s some on display right here- She’s overbearing, doesn’t always consider others and their situations, and overworks herself to learn all she possibly can (apparently without regard to if she needs those skills or not, though that would require more information). We’ve also seen that she thinks very highly of herself – although given all her accomplishments, that may very well be earned.

Anyway, faults aren’t always something that you can just list down like on a character bio. Things can be both a benefit and a detriment, depending on the scenario. Context is key- a highly critical person, for example, may find it hard to casually enjoy certain mediums; but would do very well in a field that has them reviewing products for other peoples’ benefits.

On top of what other people have said, we’ve seen that Pas is cheerfully oblivious to her sibling’s secret-agent double life.

At some point she’ll get a spotlight storyline that develops her character in more detail, instead of just using her as a running gag about being ridiculously competent.

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