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Something’s Cooking 20/29

Something’s Cooking 20/29 published on 16 Comments on Something’s Cooking 20/29

Trouble getting Leif & Thorn pages to load the first time? You’re not the only one. I have a support ticket open, and the hosting company is looking into it.

In the meantime:

  • hit “refresh” to load the latest version of the page
  • if regular refresh doesn’t work, do a hard refresh (Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R in Windows, Apple Key+Shift+R in Mac), which forces your browser to bypass the cache
  • if you have the most recent Firefox update, click the shield to the left side of the address bar and click “turn off blocking for this site”
  • if you know you’re still not seeing the latest strip (i.e. if the front page doesn’t show a strip with today’s date), clear your cache/cookies

When I have more news, I’ll let you know!

Kale (thinking): I don’t need to watch these myself. The timer’s running. I can read a book until they’re done. . . . Okay, just one more check-in.

Tiernan: Mrrff.

Kale: I know, I know, you’re keeping an eye on me. And you have a soulbond with Thorn, just like what I have with Niamh. So if I make any trouble, the general idea will get back to him.

Kale (thinking): And if he gets hurt in the storm, it’ll get back to me, because the pain will show up in you . . .

Tiernan: achoo!

Kale (thinking): Or the storm could just make you sneeze and be unbearably cute.

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Spirits causing weird weather is great worldbuilding. If fire spirits do this, what do nature and water spirits do?

Tiernan is adorable!

On the topic of site cookies in chrome, I found hitting the information button just to the left of the site name brought up “site settings” where you can clear cookies for just this site.

I had the problem in firefox and creating an exception to always allow cookies may have solved the issue, but I’m waiting to see for sure. If it does I will create a step-by-step guide for y’all

It’s nice to get to see more of who Kale is beyond having been Kudzu the Scary Fire Mage. Feels! He cares about Thorn’s cookies and whether he gets hurt!

Let’s be honest:Thorn knows his deepest, darkest secret, and still didn’t rescind his invite to the Kolpovision viewing party. Thorn is basically Kale’s best friend

I’m afraid he’s probably Kale’s best friend even without that qualification. :-<

I agree, but feel that Kale isolating himself completely would be one of those things the therapist would discourage. Thus, Kale probably has a few work friends he makes halting attempts to joke around with; mostly bilingual or trilingual puns. Thorn likely surpassed them when he was absolutely ready to kill deal with a Dangerous Thing that might need killing on Kale’s say-so, and was equally easily called off. This wouldn’t be because of the willingness to kill, but the trust and willingness to believe.

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