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Something’s Cooking 22/29

Something’s Cooking 22/29 published on 6 Comments on Something’s Cooking 22/29

Leif’s mental image of Sønheim has the palette of a Stand Still Stay Silent strip.

(Even in a fantasy sequence, he doesn’t imagine being able to own a house on his own.)

Leif: I wish . . .

Leif (thinking): I wish I had the kind of home where I could invite you to stay.

We’d . . . Well, maybe not sit by the fire. We’d go straight to my room and stay cozy through the storm. . . . quietly, to avoid bothering the housemates.

All night — Every night —

Leif: I wish for your safe return home.

Thorn: Thanks, kitten. You too.

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Is this poll just a way for you get webcomic recommendations? That’s certainly what I’m going to use for (as if I don’t already have 50,000 still on my too read list).

Partly! I’m also hoping to pick up a few leads for cross-promotion potential…

I really wish you could check more than one on the poll, because more than one of my favorites is listed here!

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