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Something’s Cooking 28/29

Something’s Cooking 28/29 published on 11 Comments on Something’s Cooking 28/29


Thorn (text): Hey, Kale — sorry I left you hanging. Some things came up.

Turns out I have to stay on watch with a teammate. I’ll swap out as soon as possible, but they have to stay until the storm’s over —

— and then we’ll both be sheltering at the downtown office. So I won’t be home tonight.

Can you box up the cookies before you go? Help yourself to a few, of course! And if you missed dinner over this — take something from the fridge.

Kale (text): Thorn — hope all’s well, and I’m heading home now. Here’s a photo of your locked door.

I checked your cat’s food and water. And the cookies came out well.

Elisa: You should go to bed, Leif.

Leif: Not yet! I want a text that Thorn’s home safe.


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I am very charmed by Atarangi sleeping in a drawer.

Her appointment happened so fast, they didn’t have time to furnish the office with pint-sized furniture…so they’re makin’ do.

I’m not sure why it’s better for her to sleep IN a drawer instead of on top of it. Is it so she won’t fall down? Normal beds don’t have any sides either … but it will be longer fall for her, so maybe …

… it definitely looks cuter, of course. And I wouldn’t be surprised if she liked it exactly for that reason. Might not want to admit it 🙂

I like the juxtaposition of “contents of text message” and “images of what contents are referring to”. It’s reminiscent of a montage with voice-over. And the whole thing is very sweet and quite a pleasant addition to a weekend wherein I am sadly down with a cold.

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