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Something’s Cooking 3/29

Something’s Cooking 3/29 published on 2 Comments on Something’s Cooking 3/29

Thorn: Hey, Pascentia. Hello, Elisa!

Pas: Opening the gate and signing you out now.

Thorn: I wrote up some notes about what to expect. On my smartcrystal, so they could be spell-checked.

– Call me “Thorn”. Or “Sir Thorn” if you want . . .
– Our itinerary: first a trip to S-Mart for ingredients (no budget limits), then . . .
– You can always ask questions or correct the words I use . . .

Elisa: These notes are very . . . thorough!

Thorn: I have a lot of misunderstands with Leif that I got to learn from.

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