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Something’s Cooking 7/29

Something’s Cooking 7/29 published on 9 Comments on Something’s Cooking 7/29

The clerk is a Ceannic citizen, so she’s comparing it to Ceannis’ basic universal healthcare, not Sønheim’s system.

Clerk: Is this why you’re learning Sønska? So you can use it with your pet?

Thorn: No, but maybe I should start? I’ve only spoken Ceannic to her.

Clerk: Does she understand it?

Thorn: Not all the words, exactly, but she gets the basic idea!

Clerk: Is that really worth the cost? Pets aren’t cheap . . .

Thorn: Oh — mine’s a therapy pet. She was paid for by Ceannic health insurance.

Clerk: So she’s like a nurse?

Thorn: Sort of! She shares my feelings, and helps me process PTSD things.

Clerk: And you do all this without even sharing a language?

Thorn: Pets can make things clear, even without words!

Like if they hiss at you. Or curl up in your lap.

Clerk: Wow . . . I knew Ceanska military healthcare was different, but I never appreciated how much.

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