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Splash Damage 33/35

Splash Damage 33/35 published on 7 Comments on Splash Damage 33/35

Thorn: Can you just check if there’s a meeting for Sir Thorn Estragon? Or maybe a message left for me?

I don’t like to brag, but . . . there is a prophecy about me, you know.

Blush Noisette: Estragon, Estragon . . . hmm . . .

Oh! Well, what do you know? There is a message for you.

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It’s for Magical Teen Thorn, isn’t it.

If Thorn is lucky, probably.

If Thorn isn’t lucky, she didn’t actually check. She just decided to make something up to send him away on the basis of, “I don’t like to brag, but… there is a prophecy about me, you know.”

I mean, yes, there is one, and if she’d check the file she could verify that. However, I’m sure she gets a lot of people wanting to see Acai who claim to have prophecies about them and she may have gotten so used to this she’s used to “optimizing” the flow.

She KNOWS him, and he’s sorta celebrity. It’s even possible she REMEMBERS there is prophecy about him. There are enough people like that to not let all of them see Acai, but it’s unlikely there would be so many of them she would “optimize the flow” on them, especially considering that if there WOULD be message for him, it would be VERY important.

(And it’s unlikely that searching for message is THAT hard.)

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