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Still Evolving 12/34

Still Evolving 12/34 published on 11 Comments on Still Evolving 12/34

Cedar: How many of you heard about me having my first transformation last year?

Crowd: WOOOOO!!!

Cedar: Hey, do any of you want to see my costume?

Crowd: universal WOOOOOO!!!

Cedar: I don’t know, my stylists don’t think you’d be interested . . . You might have to get louder.

Holly (runes): Earplugs!

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Dammit, keep up like this and you and I might singlehandedly keep Teva in business.

(Actually, I’m not entirely sure you followed that, and I worried you might’ve thought I meant something I didn’t – I’m implying this installment gave me an asthma attack – and just to be clear, I’m not joking. Although, full disclosure, I was switched brands recently, and I’m not totally sure who makes my current inhaler, but it’s not Teva.)

(Apparently it’s GSK.)

Is this the first time the punchline of a step has been in runes? It funny.

Also, the crowd has bisexual lighting, woo!

As a bisexual, uh, what does bisexual lighting mean? I feel like tos might be important to know.

Lighting with the bisexual flag colours: purples, pinks and blues. (You can pick two and shadows will do the rest, really.)

Technically, it’s the bisexual flag upside down, which I guess means instead of being attracted to their own gender and other genders, they’re attracted to other genders and their own gender? (Insert image of Lief saying “Help! Everyone is hot!”)

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