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Still Evolving 2/34

Still Evolving 2/34 published on 6 Comments on Still Evolving 2/34

All the weather control administrations on the Hurricane Coast have the same two guys. It’s like all the stores in Cathy having the same clerk.

Final hurricane prep.

Coco: Ivy! There you are! Finish your call or TV show or whatever, you gotta eat something.

Weather Control: Hurricane Findlay winds are escalating . . . as predicted, the first Category Five storm of the season. / Our country’s sensors agree. / Ours too.

Reporter: Officials have praised Homu’s use of AI drones as “an innovative cost-cutting measure” and dismissed the criticisms of experts as “they probably just want more money.”


Dad: Think she got a look at a “disaster news” stream.

Mum: Ooh, Dagny, that stuff’s for grown-ups!

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