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Still Evolving 26/34

Still Evolving 26/34 published on 7 Comments on Still Evolving 26/34

…should I character-tag everyone whose kind words Ivy is remembering? Let us know in the comments.

Cedar (memory): “We traded callsigns. She’s cool! And she gets me.”

Coco (memory): “Girl, don’t even worry, okay? You got this.”

Gentian (memory): “We have the nicest kid in the world.”

Holly (memory): “I have an idea. Call us if you want us to try.”

Ebony (memory): “Just focus on your part, okay?”

Coco again (memory): “Look. Babe. You just go out there tomorrow and do your best.”

Ivy (thinking): That’s right, Coco, I will! And my best . . . is really frickin’ good.

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