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Still Evolving 28/34

Still Evolving 28/34 published on 12 Comments on Still Evolving 28/34

The upgrade!

Readers might remember the 2019 bonus art of “costumes that Cedar, Holly, and Ivy might have if they all leveled up together.” That was an AU, not the future of the main comic — so our Ivy gets some of the same design features, but with her own distinct theme.

Cedar: The drone shields are coming down . . . Folks, this is incredible. It’s not even raining now!

She’s got a different silhouette now, right? It’s not just me?

. . . Whoa.

Everyone, get your exclusive first look at . . . The Storm Mage! Trademark pending.

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Ooh! Earrings, taller shinier boots, a feathered edge to the cape, a new hairstyle (both her natural color and out of the braids), possibly a color scheme shift (though I might be comparing this page to art with different overtones and making assumptions)… and has her transformation gem changed shape? Her belt buckle looks like—well, like a hurricane viewed from above, instead of a three-pointed star. It would definitely make Storm Mage appropriate as titles go.

All to say: I love the new look! Very excited for Ivy.

Huh. Not the same new outfit we saw a month ago in the Holly Explains A Thing. Maybe that one is an even later form for Ivy? Count me intrigued.

The Holly Explains strips involve cosplay! I’m not sure who Ivy is dressed up as in the recent one, but someone with more familiarity with magical girl media could probably take a crack at it. It’s not a costume design for her, though, is the point.

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