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Still Evolving 3/34

Still Evolving 3/34 published on 7 Comments on Still Evolving 3/34

As promised, last year’s Kolpovision winners! They don’t have names in the strip yet…but they’re based on Ilsa and Freyde from But I’m A Cat Person, so in the transcript I’ll call them Not-Ilsa and Not-Freyde.

Holly: Hi! Can I talk to you for a minute? My name’s Holly, and I work with Cedar. You don’t know me, but I’m . . .

. . . a big fan.

Not-Freyde: We get those.

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…Why do they not have a roof?

I’ll do you one better: Why is the Tamaputian green room on a cart instead of a permanent fixture halfway up a wall?

If I had to guess? It’s because the Tamaputian green room is actually a hastily-repurposed high quality doll playset. Presumably this is is because the venue’s walls are too historic to be altered for accessibility.

I’d have thought “I’m on Cedar’s staff” would get you farther than “I’m a fan of yours” here, but I don’t know what Holly’s going to say next.

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