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Still Evolving 30/34

Still Evolving 30/34 published on 14 Comments on Still Evolving 30/34

Once again, these increasingly-wrong answers were generated by the Bing Chatbot!

So much of the discourse around Large Language Models gets stuck in “is it ethical to use LLMs for Job X?”…and skips right by the question of “are LLMs actually functional at doing Job X?”

Turns out the answer is usually “no.” Whether the job is preparing a court filing, or writing a profile, or running a medical helpline, or analyzing what code does, or looking up trivia about a webcomic.

They’re very good at Wild Mass Guessing, though! I mean, there’s clearly going to be a fan theory now that Cedar is a former Time Villain.

Drone: Cedar Oseille is a world-famous singer from Ceannis who has a lot of fans and admirers.

@oops.all.berries: cutie robot overlords

Drone: He is also a reincarnated soul who has a high potential for magic, but he doesn’t know it.

Cedar: Most of that is right!

Drone: He is friends with Lulen Lilblomma, another singer who is secretly a vampire. He has a crush on Sandy Neineikura, a member of the band Pond Thing.

There is a fan theory that Cedar Oseille might be a former apprentice of Acai who turned evil.

Cedar: The more it talks, the wronger it gets.

Ivy: I KNOW, right??

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So uh. That last one might be my fault here: whoops sorry not sorry 😛
That having been said, a) I guess this shows it’s scraping the comment section for information and b) this is objectively the funniest way to officially disprove a fan theory

Except it doesn’t really disprove it. Unless Cedar is a long runner, he may not remember even though that feels like it would be significant enough one would remember that sort of thing. He might remember it and not want to admit it.

That said, he’s saying it’s horribly wrong about that being a fan theory. How is he so in touch with all fan theories about himself that he would definitely know that it wasn’t? Could it be that he has better mental magic than he lets on? Is said mental magic a legacy of his dark past?

Resist the impulse to give the bot too much credit! It only “knows” that Time Villain, like Lulen or Sandy or Pond Thing, is a phrase from the same source texts as Cedar. It’s completely guessing about which words link them together.

It’s not “guessing” that requires intent.

It’s randomly selecting which words go with those phrases.

Those who sell AI to the media call it the hallucination problem. Those who make AI call it the “being wrong problem”. It’s not resolvable with current generative methods.

Unnecessary nitpick. “Guessing” and “selecting randomly” are fine as synonyms in casual conversation.

“Hallucinations” is another word that typically implies a brain and senses, but we use it to talk about chatbot function, and we can all grasp what the alternate usage means.

Characters in the comic also call it the “being wrong” problem!

We saw in that is in the chat. I, uh. I wonder if she has anything to say about Cedar’s crush. Also, the only way those robots would put Sandy Neineikura and Pond Thing in the same context is either via *grievous* privacy violations or seeing through the fourth wall (which probably also counts as a privacy violation), so they miiight be a little concerned about that.

On the other hand, this is probably just a throwaway line used for a gag and I’m fixating on it too hard. I do that sometimes. Sorry.

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