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Still Evolving 33/34

Still Evolving 33/34 published on 7 Comments on Still Evolving 33/34

Some magical girls get cute animals for their sidekicks! Some girls get cute fairies! Ivy gets a cute easily-confused chatbot drone.

RDS: Distinguished representatives, obviously these actions from the Bitty Drones were not planned or desired . . .

Coco: Whoa!

Ivy: It’s okay, Coco — I kept this one!

RDS: Which clearly proves my company needs more money, to develop them further! It’s just like I’ve been saying for the past decade: The tech is still early!

Ivy: These lil’ guys are suuuuuper cute and funny! As long as you never, ever make ‘em responsible for handling anything serious.

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To be fair, you can’t make cat responsible for handling anything serious either. Or any other pet. Like, actual pet, you can make Leif responsible for handling something serious.

There’s plenty of serious jobs that pets can be trained to do, from herding sheep to alerting at seizures. The difference is that such training has been perfected over decades or centuries, each individual is tested thoroughly, and beneficiaries opt in to the service. Complete opposite to what the execs are pushing as the new big untested fad.

I think these might work better as PERSONAL umbrellas, assigned to look after someone in particular. Maybe even pair it to your crystal? “Hey bits, text this message to my mom: Do you remember (Grandma’s Special Soup?) My version of the card is damaged.”

Nah, that’s the kind of task you would assign to Fantasy Siri, and this is Fantasy ChatGPT. The poor Bitty Drone would just make up an entire random soup recipe, and the “source link” would be the Crystalpedia page about grandmas.

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