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Still Evolving 4/34

Still Evolving 4/34 published on 11 Comments on Still Evolving 4/34

New Leif & Thorn: Off-Shoots bonus page — featuring a guest appearance from another magical boy we haven’t seen in a while!

Not-Ilsa: What can we do for you, Cedar’s friend? Sign something?

Not-Freyde: You might need a magnifying glass.

Holly: No, I have a different favor to ask. Could you be ready to do a surprise extra song?

Not-Ilsa: One of our songs? Or can we do a cover of one of Cedar’s?

Not-Freyde: His lawyers already said they won’t let us do a cover of Cedar’s.

Not-Ilsa: Yeah — that’s what would make it a surprise.

Not-Freyde: Ooh.

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Oy! Erin! I gots a question for you! Respectfully, if Tamputian vampires existed, and I don’t think they canonically do? But if they did, would they have the urge to drain a WHOLE non-Tamputian human, or would it be like the situation with non-Tamputian food being way too large for them and them only taking a small amount of it?

So, like, they’d try to drain the whole non-Tamputian human, but couldn’t?

I wonder if they even could drink human blood. It’s not clear human vampires can drink other-species blood, and Tamaputians are confirmed to be a different species from humans: no reincarnations between sizes have ever been recorded, and even their heartswords are shaped differently (which is not the case between ethnic groups or cultures).

I can’t think of any plot-related reason for Tamaputian vampires *not* to exist, so they probably do!

They would be thirsty for an amount of blood that’s proportional to their body size. So if they tried to drink from a giant human, they’d fill up pretty quickly, and the human wouldn’t even lose one Red Cross donation’s worth of blood in the process.

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