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Good girl! Btw, I love the rain effect you’ve been using. It adds a nice bit of ambiance & texture without obscuring the picture.
Question: do child labor laws exist in this world? Or are those mitigated by the existence of magical girls?
To be fair, it seems like all the teens we’ve seen working (whether Holly or Cedar or Ivy; or to tbh even Leif) have adult supervision and/or support.
And, longrunners obviously further complicate the picture (something which I think has been discussed in part in a “…discusses a thing” comic).
But is there a minimum age limit before which children are not allowed to be employed?

I have to wonder if older (i.e., 14-17) magical girls are exempt from child labor laws, maybe because they burn out? I do get the impression that Holly, Ivy, and Kudzu in his prime are stronger than all the older mages except for Açaí. Ivy’s 17, right? In our world, you can do most work at 17, but standing on a crag in a hurricane, I have a hard time coming up with a better example of exactly what would NOT be allowed.

Considering Holly’s posting at the start of the comic, that is, her being seconded to a military unit, albeit one that was on a ‘low-stakes’ assignment, sort of implies that this is the case, or that the ‘age of majority’ is lower.

We also have to remember that this is a society that has been running with Magical Girls for centuries. A world where, IIRC, The First Generation acted in secret, and by the time the Next Generation cropped up, they had the social clout to make sure that the kiddles would be okay.

so much of being a Magical Girl in this setting is tied into the tropes being reality(Strong emotion bringing out new levels of power, that power frequently being activated in a do-or-die crisis, et cetera) that the actual governmental policy may be to, so long as they are acting in the common good, just let the Tykebomb keep on keeping on. That when they transgress the law, the law was wrong, if only in this situation, and to, when possible, aim them in the direction of Most Societal Good.

TL;DR Ivy is almost certainly not violating any child labor laws now, but there may have been some constitutional amendments to allow Ceannis to field the Humanoid Anti-Typhoon for the benefit of the continent.

Cal had it spot-on — this is why I keep drawing the parallels between Ivy’s experience as a teen magical first responder, and Cedar’s experience as a teen singer/actor! In both cases, they’re allowed to work — but there are legal limits on how many hours, requirements for their education, and a range of other rules designed to protect them from being exploited.

(…Which doesn’t mean the rules always work. Consider Ivy blowing off her classes.)

Actually, when do magical girls tend to come into their powers? The only one we’ve actually seen come into theirs was Cedar, fourteen, but he was deliberately setting himself back, so presumably he “should” have come into his powers earlier.

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