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So I guess she’s forcing the water from a natural waterfall? (No, I didn’t only just notice the clouds in the background making it clear this isn’t an ordinary shower, where would you get that idea?)

(I do stand by my comment that in twenty minutes or so she’ll long for a “brush mage.”)

So, um, you know there are outdoor showers, right? It’s my understanding they’re moderately common on ocean resort beaches, to let people who have been swimming in the ocean wash off the salt. To be clear for anyone who might otherwise be scandalized by the thought, one remains in ones swimsuit for that. After all, one also wants to wash the salt off the swimsuit.

What tells me that it’s not an ordinary shower is that the water is moving in straight lines, rather than curving from gravity.

…And here I thought that’s not water but a sunbeam… but then if it were, she’d want to shade her eyes, right? Unless she has a spell for that whose effects we don’t see. Which every model would have in a magical world; lights for photo shoots, especially when you must look near the light source can be… problematic.

Looks more like sunbeam to me as well.

There are certainly lot of spells for shading, but most would probably be visible on the photo … on the other hand, yeah I can totally imagine that there would be so much money in trying to optimize photo shoots they would develop ideal spells for that.

I saw them in “fresh water resorts” (water parks) as well, the idea there being that you use them before entering the swimming pool. Didn’t though about it too hard before, but even if you use inside showers before entering the compound, you have plenty of opportunity to get dirt on yourself IN the compound, not speaking about sunscreen if you are sunbathing.

I’m actually from a resort town originally, but in the “outdoor showers” there, you wouldn’t be able to see clouds from this angle, at least not totally unobstructed, given the apparent height of the showerhead. But now that I’m looking it, it probably is a sunbeam.

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