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Summer Sunshine 16/84

Summer Sunshine 16/84 published on 9 Comments on Summer Sunshine 16/84

Thorn (thinking): The crowds are picking up . . . and now I feel like everyone’s staring at my arm. Should I have worn long sleeves? It’s hot, but Kale wore them long and seemed okay . . .

Of course he assumed the burn wasn’t real. People don’t have scars like this. If I’d gotten it almost any other way, modern medicine would’ve healed the thing completely.

. . . At least I know Leif thinks it’s “not hideous.”

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So that raises the question – are dragons anti-magic? Or like, vaguely resistant to it? Or something? Like wounds caused by them can’t be healed by magic and stuff. They’re possiblyprobably vulnerable to HeartWeapons (based on the fact that Thorn’s team of HeartKnights were sent to fight the one that he killed) but the fact that magic might not work on them or stuff they cause would explain why mages (like professional grandpa flashy water mage, who would otherwise do SUPER WELL against a fire dragon) weren’t sent to deal with them. Like seriously if mages were good against dragons and I were in charge of the Dragon Fighting Initiative, I’d probably be like “OK wait until it’s holed up in its cave and asleep, and FLOOD IT IN, DROWN THAT DRAGON” but resistance to magic (and also possibly other stuff) would probably make that not work.

They’re not anti magic, they ARE magic. Heavily so. To defeat them, you need enough magic in your own corner to override theirs. Same with healing from magical burns.

Mages were involved in the slaying plans — in fact, Professional Grandpa Water Mage was in charge of them. Thorn still has nearly-traumatic levels of resentment about his strategy choices. Hmm, wonder why that could be.

Ah, so it’s less “this burn can’t be healed” and more “this burn CAN be healed, but only by either a super strong healing mage or another dragon that, if it existed, would probably not do the thing”. And that’s assuming that super strong healy magics are in this universe.

And thinking back on it, Thorn did react badly when he saw Professional Grandpa Water Mage. I guess it slipped my mind due to everything else from that chaotic date, or at the time I’d figured the mages were the cavalry and not involved from the start.

Also yes I’m going to call him Professional Grandpa Water Mage forever, this is his new name, no one can stop me

Stop ‘ya? I’m a-joinin’ ‘ya! (Skips off singing “Professional Grandpa Water Mage” over and over. Gets **weird** looks from Neighbors.)

On an aside – Thanks, Erin, for the info. At the time, I’d thought maybe it was JUST mages (or PGWM only) were first sent in, and Thorn’s team did the rescue.

… fire dragons are bad at teleporting when woken up unexpectedly?

I though that dragons are so tough the loses were big even if strategy was good. Of course, the fact strategy was good is not enough to prevent traumatic levels of resentment.

Hey Flyboy! Was catching up a bit, and saw a post from you about quilifying for operating some bada** piece of equipment? Am I right?

Assuming I am – CONGRATULATIONS! (Have no idea WHAT that bada** piece actually is, BTW. To me, it was a bunch of letters an numbers! Care to enlighten this “silly civvy”?)

During MCT I was taught and qualified to operate the M240 medium machine gun, the M67 fragmentation grenade, and the M203 grenade launcher, as well as the use of night vision devices for night fighting. We also learned the basics of patrolling, combat marksmanship, and land navigation. I’m not infantry though, so they didn’t teach us to utilize gear like anti-tank or mortar systems. Still, I will say this. Shooting a machine gun is freaking fun.

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