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Summer Sunshine 17/84

Summer Sunshine 17/84 published on 9 Comments on Summer Sunshine 17/84

Leif: Is this closed? Does it say why?

Thorn: No. I think it’s broken.

Earlier . . .

Game attendant: Test yer strength! Impress yer crush! Show off that gym regimen!

Birch: Hey, Annie, want to find out which of us is stronger?

Annie: I want a plush puppy, that’s for sure.

Birch: How about this: You win one for me, then I’ll win one for you.

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Birch seems a bit chubbier than he was in his last appearance.

Flyboy, about machine guns being so fun – I’ve always preferred the more silent deadly arts myself. Especially when I was younger, I had some sensory hypersensitivities. But they’ve toned down in the last 5ish years, so I can with confidence now say:

A little OT, but have you seen the movie ‘the Cuckoo’?

The Russian one from 2002, or the British one from 2009? (Haven’t seen either…)

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