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Summer Sunshine 20/84

Summer Sunshine 20/84 published on 9 Comments on Summer Sunshine 20/84

Leif: This place has good karaoke?

Thorn: Yes! I won’t sing, but I hear the good things.

Let’s find out if they have a song you know.

Falling Stars Iuilic Center
Established 1027 to serve the community
This edifice was Designed by Iuilic Architect Pepper Smokovnitsa to replace the original building lost in 1152

Leif: I thought I knew a little Ceanska, but I don’t recognize any of these words.

Thorn: That’s because they’re in . . . Iudish. Iudska?

Leif: You speak another language?!

Thorn: I don’t say I speak it. Breaks my poor gran’s heart that I went and learned Sønheic instead.

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The fake-Hebrew font both bothers and intrigues me. What is it?

“Instead” … hmmm … on one hand, you can learn two other languages. On the other, I can’t either. I mean, I tried and results are as if I didn’t.

However, Leif might mean “you” in plural.

It’s compulsory in the Ceannic school system to learn one language, so that’s the choice Thorn is referring to.

In theory he could learn even more languages in his spare time, but in practice he’s not interested enough to put in the time it would take. Even his second language is still shaky, and that’s with external motivation of the cute bespectacled kind.

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