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Summer Sunshine 23/84

Summer Sunshine 23/84 published on 6 Comments on Summer Sunshine 23/84

Leif: Why don’t you want to sing?

Thorn: Oh, I’m not good at it.

Leif: That can’t be true!

Thorn: Don’t feel bad. I’m happy to watch —

Karaoke 10am-5pm –>
<-- W.C. Quiet Room 8am-11pm -->

Leif: I don’t buy it! You’re good at everything else. What is it? Are you shy? I want to hear —

Thorn: Thy charm be-se-ets me / and cheers my sight / in thy leaping laughter / my heart deli-i-ights!

[Got this tune from a Hedge & Grassie episode]

Thorn: Should I do another verse?

Leif: You don’t have to sing.

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This seems like a sort of random time to ask, but- Are the people of Soenheim capable of using Heartswords? So far it seems to be a purely Ceannic practice but I’m wondering if it’s a possibility at all. Like, could a foreign exchange student from Soenheim wind up enrolling in HeartSword training and be able to draw one, or is it simply something completely unavailable to them (which is one of the reasons for the semi-awkward peace between them)?

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