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Summer Sunshine 25/84

Summer Sunshine 25/84 published on 8 Comments on Summer Sunshine 25/84

Thorn (thinking): Leif walks around at my side to watch out for me . . . This must be what it feels like to have a soulbonded dog. Not that I could ever say that —

Leif: Hey . . . If I protect you from flashbacks, does that make me like a backup therapy pet?

Thorn: I guess it does!

Leif: When a pet does its job, the Sønska phrase you say is “good boy.”

Leif (thinking): What am I doing?! He doesn’t know enough Sønska to get how that sounds.

Thorn (thinking): What am I doing?! He has no idea how racy this sounds in Ceannic.

Thorn: “Good boy.”

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And now I’m curious if either of them would be in to that. XD

Contextually, Leif is likely at least a little into the master/pet thing, since he brought it up before immediately realizing how it sounds.

Thorn, on the other hand, is just playing along, assuming it is considered a playful and not at all racy thing to say in Sønska circles…

as a side note, I’m, guessing Manager Ludolf is perhaps not big on the good kind of positive reinforcement.

*On a bass boat*

Yep, yep we’ve got the fans on the hook now, that “Translation Miscommunication”, hooks’em every time, it’s safe to say we’ve at least got a Keep On Keepin On on the hook, might even be a Small Austrian Village we’re reeling in.


Having written a certain amount of my own complicated power exchange business (you drew this couple for me, and did a lovely job rendering their “Property of This Guy” heraldic badge!), I can tell you my characters have a real love-hate relationship with *this exact thing.*

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