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Summer Sunshine 26/84

Summer Sunshine 26/84 published on 10 Comments on Summer Sunshine 26/84

Thorn: You sign up at the machine, and it gives you a chip that lets you know when it’s your turn.

Leif: Uh-huh?

Don’t look! I want to surprise you.

Thorn: I don’t know the lot of Sønska music, but okay! And if the machine has nothing you know . . .

Future Thorn (thinking): This is DEFINITELY not the spacetime I was aiming for.

Leif: . . . we can try somewhere else.

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Hmm. Maybe I’m just being suspicious because your “unreadable text” for magic spells and things in-comic usually turns out to be a simple substitution cipher in the transcript*, but the arrangement of those musical notes REALLY looks like a ciphered sentence.

I’m having real trouble figuring out the cipher, though. If this is standard English, then the two different single-symbol groups in panel one have to be I and A, and if the treble clef is I then the first two words are “a a???”, and if the treble clef is A then I can’t think of the right short words starting with I to make sense of the phrase in panel one as a whole…

* It helps that I had a whole shelf of books about codes and ciphers as a kid and did a ton of word search puzzles.

Well, I’ll point you in the right direction — capitals and lowercase letters are different in this font, but a lot of the same glyphs get re-used, at different heights, for unrelated letters.

The treble clef is both capital A and lowercase a, but that’s unusual. The first letter in panel one is a capital I, and the following letter (same glyph, set slightly higher) is a lowercase t. There’s a lowercase i later in the same line.

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