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Summer Sunshine 27/84

Summer Sunshine 27/84 published on 8 Comments on Summer Sunshine 27/84

This is an earlier version of Future Thorn than the last time we saw him, which is why he’s more clean-shaven.

Note that he’s much more bilingual than Present Thorn — thinking about Leif causes him to slip naturally into thinking in Sønska.

Future Thorn (thinking): Really, Thorn? Landing ten feet away from your past self? Drop right in his lap, why don’t you.

This must be from my first Summerfest with Leif . . . I don’t remember seeing anyone suspiciously future-y.

. . . but I don’t remember much at all from this early in the day. I should get out of now. Before I’m tempted to fix what’s coming up.

. . . I’ll just stay long enough to watch Leif’s song.

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I have a feeling that Leif’s singing is going to be the thing that makes Thorn realize he’s got it bad.

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