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Summer Sunshine 28/84

Summer Sunshine 28/84 published on 5 Comments on Summer Sunshine 28/84

Leif: People are talking during the music. Is that polite here?

Thorn: As long as it’s quiet, so people who like the song can hear it. You only have to listen to the songs of your friends.

Thorn: . . . but only one of Mother’s songs was ever a . . . a big sell?

Leif: If a song sells well, it’s a “hit.”

Thorn: Yes! That . . .

Thorn: When I did at the observatory, Tiernan did live with my sister. And . . . and as, um, like a following to that . . .

Leif: “As a result.” Or “because of that.” Or “and so . . . “

Thorn (trying very hard): Yes! As a because of that, I did feel the comfort of family.

Leif: . . . but the best are Dómari — like the deity — and Evärdlig.

Thorn (reading): “They belong to a Sønheic genre known as death metal, literally ‘the metal of death.'”

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