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Summer Sunshine 30/84

Summer Sunshine 30/84 published on 6 Comments on Summer Sunshine 30/84

Leif: Uh . . . do you not know . . . ?

Thorn: I read that legally, you don’t have one now . . . right?

But you get it back as a result of working off your debt. So what was it? Can I know?

Leif: It’s . . .

. . . not considered polite to ask.

Thorn: Oh! I am sorry. I won’t ask again. Do you want another drink? They have free ones here, if you like water.

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I’m guessing it’s “not polite to ask” because you get the most painful shock possible directly to the pain centers, rather than just a burn for saying it out loud.

Or Leif is unhappy with who his Family Name is attached to and is using a little fib to avoid saying.

Or he has a life-debt, never to end. His family name will always be ‘Sønheim’ , Middle Name ‘of’

Or someone needs to drag his ass outta that shell and get him moving to face his problems. He needs his own moral courage to move through this.

As always, Flyboy, you rock! Wonder if I can find a “Big Brother/Big Sister”, for my son and daughter, that lives as you seem to. They could use more examples than just me.

Hell, sometimes I’M the one who needs a reminder to “get my ass moving”. (I’ll consider mine KICKED, and get moving now. Hope you don’t mind!)

Hey, now, you don’t *know* that he hasn’t faced his problems. You just know he doesn’t feel like sharing them with Thorn. All us readers know that Thorn is a trustworthy stand-up kind of person who would be happy to help share Leif’s burdens…but that doesn’t mean Leif knows it.

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