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Summer Sunshine 34/84

Summer Sunshine 34/84 published on 8 Comments on Summer Sunshine 34/84

If anyone would like to write music for these lyrics, be my guest.


Plum (flashback): Listen, Thorn, it’s my song!

Thorn (flashback): Turn it up!

Thorn (present, thinking): That catchy pop rhythm . . . that danceable guitar-synth line . . . Someone in Sønheim ripped off Mom’s song?! No, hang on . . .

Somebody TRANSLATED Mom’s song!

Plum (flashback, Ceannic lyrics): I’m the singer of the spotlight / I’m the bringer of the age / Oh, and all the world is on their feet / when I jump on the stage

Leif (present, Sønska lyrics): I will be a famous singer / I will be the voice of the century / Oh, I will leap from the foothills / onto the stage of the world

Future Thorn: ♥

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Well Flyboy, you were right!

Yeah, and now I’m worried about what this will mean later.

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