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Summer Sunshine 36/84

Summer Sunshine 36/84 published on 6 Comments on Summer Sunshine 36/84

Not!Buzzfeed: Ti$ha spent years on stage trying to recapture the magic of “Spotlight.” When the rest of her music ultimately failed to bring in the new age, she quietly retired and got married, dropping the stage name to become Plum Estragon.

Maybe going from this all the way back to Plum Chesnok would’ve been just too Iuilic.

The happy couple eventually had children, and Plum kept right on breaking her poor dear mother’s heart by giving them not-particularly-Iuilic names. Her son, for instance, was Thorn.

Leif: I had to look up “one-hit wondaar” separately from the auto-translation. I love that your language has a whole word for “person with wonderful talent but one commercial success.”

Thorn: But where did you get those lyrics in Sønska? That wasn’t automated. It had . . . “ba-dap bap bap baah . . . ”

Not!Buzzfeed: That’s Sir Thorn Estragon to you. Or, if you like, Thorn Frakking Dragonslayer Estragon. Seen here getting photobombed by a sheep.

Getting your face out there is the only way anyone’s going to discover ewe.

Leif: “Rhythm.” It was on the net! A lot of freelance translators use foreign songs as portfolio samples. It’s to show you understand poetry, without giving away for free anything someone would pay for.

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