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Summer Sunshine 37/84

Summer Sunshine 37/84 published on 4 Comments on Summer Sunshine 37/84

Thorn: You are sure that nobody would pay for that? The sound I hear is that you liked it.

Leif: Well, sure, but there’s no market for any foreign music in Sønheim. Because it’s already saturated with the world’s best singers.

No offense meant to your mother! She’s very good! You know, for a foreigner. And for having to write in Ceanska. And . . .

. . . yes, I liked the song.

Leif (thinking): Singing it in a proper language was supposed to be a gift. Why did he stop looking honored?

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Leif, if Sønheim has the best singers, bar none…

Why did they lose fail to win Kolpovision twice in President Romarin’s current term? Surely if they’re the best, they’d be able to sway people beyond national borders… Are you hiring out to ‘lesser’ countries?

Or maybe I’m just feeling argumentative, and like picking at the ” Rah Rah Rah Sønheim is the best nation!” attitude because nationalistic pride on the part of my neighbors is keeping me awake.

((They have firecrackers, and are setting them off once every five minutes. just often enough to startle me back awake. ))

To be fair, Sønheim doesn’t participate in Kolpovision. (They’re not even in Kolpos, although neither are some of the other countries that have gotten involved in recent years….)

But you’re not wrong to be suspicious of Leif’s nationalism.

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