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Summer Sunshine 3/84

Summer Sunshine 3/84 published on 4 Comments on Summer Sunshine 3/84

Thorn: Oh, I know you. And your “business.” All too well.

Del: I see!

Then you’ll want a quality corsage? Or perhaps a crown?

Thorn: No.

Look, I won’t ask what else you’re working on . . .

Woman in Black: !!

Thorn: . . . but I’m not buying flowers that probably come with bugs.

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I get the feeling that the Woman In Black is actually that teenage ubermage with the Sonheim obsession, the silhouette fits, as does the body language, and if it *is* her, she wouldn’t be the first absurdly powerful young person in fiction to pull one over on their high ranking relatives. (that’s assuming Cornullier or however his name is spelled, is in the dark about this. I just think that he’s the kind of guy who would raise Holy Hell if this situation was going on and he knew.)

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