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Summer Sunshine 38/84

Summer Sunshine 38/84 published on 7 Comments on Summer Sunshine 38/84

Thorn: We can go in the queue again, if you want to do a song from Sønheim.

Leif (thinking): I should try to make him feel better about his country, not worse . . .

Leif: No thank you.

I want to see more of Ceannis. Like your tapestries. They’re so . . . quaint!

And the architecture here is . . . nice. The windows are no stained glass, but they have . . . charm!

Thorn: You’re very proud of Sønheim, yes?

Leif: Our citizens are the greatest people in the world.

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*Buries head in hands*

Oohhhh yeah…

Hopefully Thorn will clue in soon that Leif might be/is overcorrecting to avoid Brain-volts©™®.

Admitting unambiguously that any other country might have something approaching the quality of Sønheim being worth a juicing is just the sort of thing I can see reedy little bureaucrat deep in the bowels of a government building 30 years ago choosing to make standard practice for compulsion gems.

I’m gonna hang my head in shame now.

I forgot that Leif might also just be repeating what he has heard all his life. Summerfest and Thorn’s Nuisance-tastic Nameday are the most time he’s ever spent immersed in a foreign culture.

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