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Summer Sunshine 4/84

Summer Sunshine 4/84 published on 8 Comments on Summer Sunshine 4/84

Thorn: Leif, we need to —

Woman in Black: Excuse me!

That ring is the gem you’d be paying with, right?

Leif: Yes . . . gosh, it’s dark back there.

WiB: Let me double-check that it’s valid with our tech.

Thorn: What did she say?

Leif: She’s checking on . . . something.

WiB: Done.

Speaking of “bugs”, I just took care of one that was planted on him. It’s fine to be paranoid, but only if you can tell who’s not really on your side.

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[paranoia]Now the question is, was there actually a bug, or is the Woman in Black just trying to psyche Thorn out to make sure he’s still loyal to his country (and possibly try and get him into her organization?[/paranoia]

Given what we’ve seen of Sønheim practices, the question is not if there was actually a bug, but if there was actually just a single bug. Though, for the most part, neither side seem all that inclined to do redundancy.

Of course, that’s why Thorn doesn’t need to worry about picking up a bug here. Because he probably already has one, too.

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