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Summer Sunshine 48/84

Summer Sunshine 48/84 published on 10 Comments on Summer Sunshine 48/84

Thorn: All of that . . . is what I grew up thinking.

But now I know it wasn’t that simple. The reason Mom traveled . . . she was always chasing a new job idea, for she . . .

Thorn (thinking):

  • had poor judgment
  • was being conned by someone
  • earned a ton of frequent rider miles

Leif (thinking):

  • was having an affair
  • oversaw an international smuggling ring
  • was on the run from the law

Thorn: She had bipolar disorder and did not take the meds.

Leif: Ohhh.

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Annnnnnd now I want to slap Thorn. Your mom sucked at picking her investments buddy, sometimes it’s just that simple.

Nah, this is legit. Thorn’s done some preparatory research before this not-date too.

Mania disrupts the part of your brain that’s responsible for working out “hey, this has risks, and drawbacks, and might be outside our capabilities, so let’s take all that into consideration.” It’s why “sucking at picking your investments” is literally one of the diagnostic criteria for bipolar.

as someone with bipolar disorder, i’m satisfied with this explanation/representation here. all too often i see people mis-explain details or misinterpret how symptoms work, but you have really impressed me in the past with your level of research so i have faith it won’t be a bad representation for the rest of the scene. i mean, your doing really well so far with talking about Mania this way.

i am however curious how and if this is going to add up for Thorn and family though, considering how genetic bipolar can be and also how it can arise both early and later in life.

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