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Summer Sunshine 49/84

Summer Sunshine 49/84 published on 5 Comments on Summer Sunshine 49/84

Leif: I’ve heard of that. I don’t know much about it, though.

Thorn (thinking): You and me both.

Thorn (flashback): Like, figuratively, bipolar?

Tansy (flashback): No, like she had a diagnosis and everything.

Thorn (flashback): . . . okay, yeah, she did that. And that sounds awfully familiar. And . . .

Thorn (flashback): She always said we’d be financially stable once her latest career move worked out . . .

Plum (flashback): Ahh, chickadee, we would have been financially stable if I had not loaned her so much money.

Thorn: I only learned about it recently, and I didn’t have time to look up how to translate the explainings.

Leif: Fair enough.

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