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Summer Sunshine 50/84

Summer Sunshine 50/84 published on 8 Comments on Summer Sunshine 50/84

Thorn: I thought, always . . . that my parents had a hard time because one mother had to travel for her important career. Now I see it was because my mother could not be trusted.

She made plans only for when her ideas were good. So she did not have . . . contingencies . . . for when they were bad. She was always confident. Even when there were real reasons to be uncertain. She made so many promises she did not keep.

Please understand — I don’t mean she did this because she was a bad person —

Leif: It’s okay, you’re being very clear!

She did bad things because she was sick. That must be comforting, in a way. Right? At least you know she had an excuse.

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Did Leif’s parents have any excuse though, that’s the real question.

(also if this goes into Leif being triggered accidentally then i totally hecking called it; my reasoning was that the situation with Thorn’s mom is sorta similar to what happened with Leif’s parents from what we know so far (his parents potentially abandoned him at the embassy, or otherwise did something so colossally stupid that Leif went into hella debt which he’s still working off) and so talking about this might accidentally make Leif be like “frell this is just like my parents”)

I’m convinced the “colossally stupid” thing his parents did was to oppose the oppressive regime.

I agree… But more and more I’m afraid they went the express route to Hel e.g. Paved with good intentions. That Leif’s parents did something unconscionable in pursuit of throwing off the Evil Sønhennic Hegemony e.g. an attack on a Major Population Center.

Okay, someone please correct me if I get this wrong, but a mental illness doesn’t automatically excuse everything, correct?

The difference between an excuse and an explanation. An explanation doesn’t mean you have to forgive them, or that they automatically aren’t responsible for their actions. But it does mean that there was an internal logic to their behavior that someone external can see and comprehend. They retain the fault, although there are mitigating circumstances.

An excuse passes the fault to something else.

“I got caught in traffic” is an excuse.

“I didn’t allow enough time for the traffic” is an explanation.

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