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Summer Sunshine 51/84

Summer Sunshine 51/84 published on 9 Comments on Summer Sunshine 51/84

Leif (thinking): Don’t ask for a story about my parents, don’t ask . . .

Thorn: So, um. I tell all this to you because I . . .

I couldn’t have a relationship, you see? Not with my job. Because if it is good, it proves to me that the story I told to me about my mother is not true.

And now I know it’s not true.

Leif (thinking): Oh, no.

Thorn‘s going to ask someone out. Maybe he already has! And now I’ll have to pretend to be happy for him.

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Gotta say, nobody in the comments so far is anticipating this one big thing I thought y’all would be anticipating.

I don’t get this. Thorn isn’t bipolar, right? So why would a good relationship prove his mother wrong and she could have been a good mother?

Can someone explain today’s strip to me please? Thank you! 🙂

He had told himself that it was impossible to have a good relationship AND work a job that takes you away often, like his army job (can be posted to new places without warning). If he managed it, it would have proven that the problem in his parents’ relationship really was his mom’s fault.

He didn’t know that his mom was unmedicated bipolar before very recently, so now he can see that this was the cause of the problem, and the constant traveling was a symptom, not the cause.

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