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Summer Sunshine 58/84

Summer Sunshine 58/84 published on 15 Comments on Summer Sunshine 58/84

Leif: The — what? You disabled it? When? How?

Thorn: So, you knew it was there? Is the Embassy spying on me?

Thorn (thinking): How do I know it was there? I have disabled it? Do I know how to do that? It’s weird that I don’t remember . . . but there are more important things.

Leif: No! — Maybe? I don’t know. They didn’t tell me the spell was there. I just expect them to monitor me. If they’re targeting you — that’s not the kind of thing they tell me either.

Thorn: If you did know, would you . . . tell me?

Leif: I — don’t think I could. Are you mad?


Thorn: I . . . cannot ask you to be more loyal to me than to your country. I know this. I am also loyal to my country first.

I still have feelings for you. I still want to kiss you — in any time there is not spying. Like . . . now. If you still want that too.

Leif: Thorn . . . It’s not about loyalty, and it’s not about me not wanting it. It’s one of my compulsions. If I try to give someone a service they haven’t paid for . . . I get zapped.

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YAY! *Starts throwing confetti, leads a parade of Marines down the main street*

Aww, does this mean we can’t use the bat after all?

Whoever decided to enslave embassy staff needs a couple of belts with it. I doubt that said compulaions actually help to keep classified information from being stolen – we’ve already seen at least on member of the embassy staff is willing to break the rules, the compulsions themselves could be circumvented/broken, and there are ways to spy on embassies that don’t require the cooperation of their staff.

What? Oh, no, I still hate Sonheim and am still frustrated with Leif, but I finally found a reason to be frustrated with Ceannis as well!

Their counter-intelligence training sucks and Thorn should recognize immediately that this is a threat to his position and his team.

Hey now, what part of the threat do you think he doesn’t recognize?

The fact that he’s still here on the bridge with Leif at all instead of immediately moving to contact his superiors at the Chalice as well as Ceannis’ equivalent to the DoD primarily. If he was willing to put country first, why isn’t he going to them and trying to get them to work out a plan where they can put Leif to work for them instead as a mole?

Yes, I’m aware this would require making Leif an unwilling and unwitting patsy drawing up questions of whether or not Ceannis is any better than Sonheim. But dammit, I wanna see that embassy burning.

Three points. One, Leif is under compulsion to, among other things, NOT reveal classified infoemation. Ceannis cannot use Leif as a mole without changing that.
Two, Leif hasn’t said anything alarming enough to make Thorn drop what he’s doing and alert his superiors, and he almost certainly already knew that he shouldn’t tell Leif classified information.
Three, the person who shut off Leif’s ring was one of Thorn’s superiors- and I doubt anyone would be surprised that Leif was bugged.

1: Leif is under compulsion, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be bugged.

2: It doesn’t matter, he knows that Sonheim is using Leif to spy on him. We’re taught that the second something hinky is going on we raise the alarm so no one else is trapped by the same play or scam.

3: Yeah, but as we’ve seen that superior is a dick who apparently shouldn’t be trusted. A problem like this needs to be spread to all levels of command who can make the appropriate decisions on how to handle this and disseminate the appropriate responses to their commands.

Keep in mind, as far as Thorn is concerned, this isn’t a new revelation. He’s known all afternoon that Something Hinky is Going On. When the Woman In Black told him about the bug, he inferred that the issue was known to higher levels of command. Now, although he’s forgotten the specifics, he still has the strong impression that the alarm is already raised.

And if you’re going to say “he should be concerned about the weirdness in his memory, and get in touch with his superiors to double-check” — well, part of the amnesia-magic is that it’s hard to focus on the effects of the amnesia-magic. His brain is actively bouncing away from thinking about it too hard.

Of course he’ll make a full report afterward, but he doesn’t have any reason to drop everything and send an update right now.

(It’s not like there’s a risk of another knight falling for a servant and renting them for a not!date all in the next 24 hours….)

Finally — making Leif into an unwitting mole isn’t suddenly a more viable option now than it was the day before. I’m not sure it’s viable at all. It’s not like Thorn can gift him a piece of Totally Innocent Jewelry and expect the Embassy not to scan it.


All the Embassy servants are restricted in behaviour. if they exceed their limits, they get a ‘warning’ shock.
See I got Eight Problems 15/27 for when Leif got zapped for touching Ragnild’s (the spunky brunette daughter of the ambassador) shoulder, trying to inquire after a package that was inexpertly smuggled into the Embassy.
also relevant: Sweet Summer Children for the notable LACK of a shock.

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