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Summer Sunshine 60/84

Summer Sunshine 60/84 published on 12 Comments on Summer Sunshine 60/84

To be clear, sex work in general (as long as it’s between consenting adults) is legal in both Ceannis and Sønheim. Neither of our heroes is worried about that aspect.


Thorn: But wait — you did kiss me once. How –?

Leif: It was part of the job!

The spell understands context. You rented me for a “keeping you company” package. I couldn’t fulfill that if I was taken away because we didn’t look married.

That’s different from being sexual for no reason, when you didn’t rent a “sex me up” package.

Thorn: (HMMRGH)

. . . So, this package. How much is it?

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GODDAMMIT THORN! You’re part of the military, paying for sex only makes you complicit and opens you up for blackmail and exploitation!

It’s legal and above-board in both countries, so blackmail isn’t a concern!

And it’s not like his feelings for Leif are going to just go away and stop being exploitable, no matter what he does.

ETA: also, it’s been hammered in pretty hard that payment is a prerequisite for kissing — Thorn hasn’t actually offered, or accepted the offer of, sex yet — and, look, can you ease up on assuming the worst possible outcome all the time? It seems like every other strip you’re getting mad about something that hasn’t actually happened yet, and it’s kinda bringing me down, here.

Sorry, it’s just that we’ve gotten so many briefings on this shit I’m prepared to presume the worst for Thorn based on what’s happened to actual military personnel in the real world when “pay” and “sex” intersect. I’ll cool off, sorry.

So your country’s army is expected to not hire prostitutes?

Solicitation for sex is considered an offense under the US Uniform Code of Military Justice, and is a court-martial worthy offense, never mind the civil penalties if you do it on US soil, or in a nation where prostitution is considered a crime. And it’s not just the Army, all military branches expect their forces to refrain from any interaction with sex workers. Max punishment for patronizing is a dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and up to five years in the brig.

Blackmail and exploitation only work if he keeps it a secret, though I don’t envy having that conversation with his superiors….

Being complicit thing, on another gripping appendage…

We’ve also missed the Questionable Consent issue… ( I doubt Hyacinth will!) How does Thorn know that Leif isn’t acting on a Compulsion?

We know that Leif does in fact want to… ahem… with Thorn without any sort of external influence because of our limited-omniscient viewpoint.

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