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Summer Sunshine 62/84

Summer Sunshine 62/84 published on 4 Comments on Summer Sunshine 62/84

Thorn (thinking): Nothing about sex on the default list, but if I type it in and search . . . Aha! . . . Hang on.

Thorn: Leif?

I found it. I can pay. But if I do . . . Does that make it so the compulsion zaps you if you don’t “fulfill the package”? What if you decide you want to stop? Or if I ask for a thing you don’t want to do?

Leif: Like I said . . . the spell gets context! If you ask for something, I say I want to do something else, you say okay — I wouldn’t get zapped for that.

Thorn: What if I ask a thing badly, and you think it’s an order?

Or I’m . . . distracted . . . and I forget, and I do give you an order. Or if you get shy and don’t want to tell me no. How easy does this make it for me to hurt you?


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…does Leif think he’s fishing for strategies?

That’s the problem with establishing limits… you so desperately want to ask about EVERYTHING that you can think of, both that are problems for you and things you think may be a problem for them…

And you press it too far, and it sounds like you’re compiling a list of things to do…

Thorn has spent half this conversation stressing that he wants to respect Leif’s limits, and Leif wouldn’t expect him to go back on it that fast.

The problem is that he’s stirring up related memories that Leif would prefer to just repress.

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