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Summer Sunshine 68/84

Summer Sunshine 68/84 published on 9 Comments on Summer Sunshine 68/84

Leif: You want to — own me?

Leif (thinking): Every time I think I understand him . . .

Thorn: No!

Thorn (thinking): That’s the first thing he can think of? I hate this. I hate it!

Thorn: Can’t I — or anyone — buy you to give you to you? Is that not legal?

Leif: Well — it’s legal. Elisa’s parents are saving up to do it.

But, s– Thorn — With all respect . . . you couldn’t possibly afford me.

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I keep waiting for the ‘Leif is working off his parents jail debt’ that people have been theorizing, but also the ‘I’m not sure you’d be allowed to since you’re not from Sonheim’ angle.

I think “I’m not sure you’d be allowed to since you’re not a Sønska citizen” doesn’t work, unless Ceannic law forbids the purchasing of people.

Katya has said that Leif’s fee isn’t like Elisa’s. that it has an ongoing cost component. I’m guessing that Leif’s price involves a ruinous base fee, and his monthly service to the embassy, plus his rental fees go to paying down the ongoing cost first, instead of knocking away the principal.

We, the readers, seem pretty sure that his service is going to pay back something his parents did, and I’m growing increasingly afraid that it may be restitution to survivors.

*Wearing balaclava* Wait, you’re saying Leif’s parents might have been bad guys?

Bad is such a relative term.
As an example, let’s say they were having a bit of harmless, but not entirely legal fun high in the mountains… and triggered an avalanche. one that destroyed a vampire’s breeding stock… I mean village.

Fast forward a number of years, and we have a purple-haired cutie who is deathly afraid of setting so much as the thickness of one toenail out of line… because “My Parents went over that line, and they destroyed so many lives….”

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