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Summer Sunshine 69/84

Summer Sunshine 69/84 published on 6 Comments on Summer Sunshine 69/84

Animated strip tomorrow. Come back Sunday for the still version.


Thorn: Do you want to say how much . . . ?

Leif: How much I would cost now? I don’t know. I don’t look. The original debt that I went into servitude to pay off was fifty-two point four million marks.

Thorn: Do you want to say why?

Leif: No, please.

Thorn: Okay.

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Yep, his parents fought the government.

I know 5hat was my original thought, that I posted, anyway. Can’t remember if I’d thought anything else to myself before that. :-/
Yeah, sucks to be revolutionaries with family sometimes. AND, I cannot for the LIFE of me think of a more compelling reason (depending on government etc) to BECOME a revolutionary. Kids. Willing to risk all for them. But, sometimes, that “All” includes the kids….
:'( :'(

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