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Summer Sunshine 70/84 – Fireworks.

Summer Sunshine 70/84 – Fireworks. published on 3 Comments on Summer Sunshine 70/84 – Fireworks.

In an early draft of this storyline, our heroes thought the compulsion might not work on Ceannic soil. They tested it by going for the liplock, and Leif got zapped.

Here in the final script, I decided there had been enough crying in this arc already, and let them have something nice.


Thorn: Even if it doesn’t help on your debt . . . does it at least make you happy when I rent you?

Leif: Yes! It’s wonderful. You don’t even know.

Thorn: Then I will do it more! But . . . I won’t rent the sex tonight. I have to think about things.

Leif: O-of course.

Thorn: But I want to do . . . something. Will the compulsion go off if I kiss you on the — on here?

Leif: No! As long as I hold still, it won’t hurt at all.


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