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Summer Sunshine 70/84 -still ver.-

Summer Sunshine 70/84 -still ver.- published on 3 Comments on Summer Sunshine 70/84 -still ver.-

Thorn: Even if it doesn’t help on your debt . . . does it at least make you happy when I rent you?

Leif: Yes! It’s wonderful. You don’t even know.

Thorn: Then I will do it more! But . . . I won’t rent the sex tonight. I have to think about things.

Leif: O-of course.

Thorn: But I want to do . . . something. Will the compulsion go off if I kiss you on the — on here?

Leif: No! As long as I hold still, it won’t hurt at all.


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Thank you. So much for the still version and the animation warning!

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