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Summer Sunshine 72/84

Summer Sunshine 72/84 published on 8 Comments on Summer Sunshine 72/84

Thorn: Here, they sell scarfs.

Leif: “Scarves.”

Thorn: Scarves. Yes. Try on the scarves.

Thorn (thinking): I could buy him all of these.

. . . and not one of those.

Caption: my sweetheart took me to Summerfest and all I got was this lousy tunic

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I’m glad that the “[insert event happened] and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” meme exists in this universe

Question is: did they developed it independently or did some dimensional traveler brought it there? (Or, possibly, did some dimensional traveler brought it HERE?)

Since our world is basically fantasy to them, the shirt might be referencing a story!

I once tried to make a world (can’t seem to do plot at all but I like world building) where the people had basically gone on drunken escapades and stolen ideas and things from other worlds, so much so that it caused their own world to start losing internal cohesion and coming apart. The disjointed tech was fun but I realised I might have to write all the worlds they stole from first to get it right.


And now i’m wondering how much it’ll cost Thorn to buy Leif the privilege to wear the scarf (or scarves) whenever he wants.

I’m gonna go with 0 crowns on top of the base fee.
The servants seem to be afforded some measure of personal preference with their uniforms, e.g. Katya laid out a turtleneck for Leif the day he came back from med-leave after he fed and watered Lord Imri and Lady Stanczia, so he can likely wear high-necked things when he wants… and when he’s going out into Central, Thorn can just, y’know… provide a scarf.

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