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Summer Sunshine 81/84

Summer Sunshine 81/84 published on 11 Comments on Summer Sunshine 81/84

Thorn (thinking): Maybe the gate will be . . . stuck, and I’ll have to take him home.

Gate: Servant ID recognized. Opening.

Leif: See you tomorrow?

Thorn: Yes! Of course.

[kreek kreek]
[chatter chatter]

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Focusing on the positive: Leif seems to be having a peaceful sleep, and is holding the scarf Thorn bought for him like a plush.

These are good things, yes?

And now the negative: Thorn! That tree is likely public property, or the property of the building! get a stabbin’ dummy for that!

I suspect Thorn’s ptsd diagnosis will get him a pass on whatever damage is done to the tree. And there’s probably a nature mage somewhere that can restore the the tree.

more importantly though D’awwww scarf snuggle!

When your PTSD becomes a factor in striking out or attacking property, command has to look at that as a warning sign, not a pass.


Don’t worry, though, Thorn isn’t out-of-control. He wouldn’t have stabbed anything he didn’t know would conveniently grow back.

Late reply but having ptsd myself I underwent a lot of therapy about redirecting the reactions into relatively harmless actions that could vent the pressure and reduce the likelihood of you having a break or fugue state wherein you might become a danger to yourself or others. I have a special punching pillow. and make regular trips to a fairly deserted beach to scream into the waves. It lets the energy out and takes the pressure off and keeps me stable and functional. When I was younger I also did things like digging and refilling holes with my hands or trimming shrubs with a machete.
That said my ptsd is from domestic violence and sexual assault as opposed to combat induced and everyone is different so what works for one doesn’t always work for another. (reply late ’cause my nets been down due for a few days.)

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