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Summer Sunshine 82/84

Summer Sunshine 82/84 published on 8 Comments on Summer Sunshine 82/84

Kale: Geez, what did that tree ever do to you?

Also, did you seriously follow me home?

Thorn: What? I live here!

Kale: Oh, right . . . a knight would have to be in federal employee housing, huh.

Thorn: Does that mean you’re a federal employee?

Kale: Well, yeah.

Thorn: What kind of job do you —

Wait, never mind, you’ll probably just say “murdering people.”

Kale: Translation. I do translation.

Thorn: . . . Oh.

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Wait – they live in the same house and never met?

It’s a four-floor apartment complex. Thorn hasn’t even run into most of his neighbors in the hall.

I’ve lived in dorms/apartment buildings under five floors for the past six years and hardly ever met my neighbors. People keep to themselves in such buildings.

I keep to myself too but it would be VERY hard to not meet neighbors in the hall or on the stairs. On the other hand, it’s true it tends to be mostly the same group … depends who is usually going outside in what time probably.

A lot depends on building design. I lived in a 7 unit building for a decade, but my place had a separate entrance and only shared parking with one of them. I almost never met my neighbors even in passing, and never to talk to.

And it’s likely worse in government housing where a lot of the people move through on short notice. The person who you met last year might have been three tenants ago without you noticing.

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